About FREE Ministries

Free Ministries Family Worship Center 1417 Sandra St Morgan City, La. 70381
Free Ministries Family Worship Center Laplace 625 Woodland Drive Ste. 103 Laplace, La. 70068
Free Ministries Family Worship Center Marrero  5100 Laplaco Ste. A1 Marrero, La,. 70072

Free Ministries began in November 2002 in Franklin, Louisiana during an outreach crusade under the leadership of Pastor Brian Lewis. Free Ministries held Friday and Saturday night services at Full Gospel Community Church in Franklin. The ministry stayed in Franklin for approximately five months. After five months, God insturcted Pastor Lewis to go to Morgan City in March of 2003. We believed God for everything and he did just what he said. Services were held at the Days Inn Hotel each Sunday at 2:00 p.m. After three months at Days Inn, God blessed us with a building in June 2003. After being faithful and committed to the call, God blessed us to move. Some people did not see how we were going to do it with only seven members.

Free Ministries is Full Revelation with Eternal Evidence. God continues to add to the ministry and we realize that all Glory goes to him. We praise and thank God for our spiritual father. Prophet Robert Charles Blakes Sr. of New Home Ministries. Because of his teachings and the knowledge that has been imparted in us, we know what it is to really walk by faith and not by sight. God has birth many ministries within this ministry. If we be faithful over little, he will make us ruler over much. With that scripture in mind; God has blessed us with 40 acres of land. Let's give him a praise!!! We are about meeting people where they are and pulling them to where God wants them to be. God is doing some awesome things in this ministry to equip the people of God to grow spiritually and to walk in all that God has for them. We are a positive place in a negative world.

Newest location: Free Ministries Laplace 625 Woodland Drive Ste. 103 Laplace, La. 70068 and 5100 Laplaco Ste. A1 Marrero, La,. 70072